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'Spider-Man: Homecoming' and the Future of the Spider-Verse

With news from Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios spilling plenty of speculation across the realm of all things Spider-Man, from the announcement of two ambitious spin-off films to the further potential of freshman Spidey actor Tom Holland as the web-slinger, the famous Marvel hero seems to be stuck in a major web of studio confusion. While Sony and Marvel Studios aim to reboot the hero for the second time with this week's Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony and producer Amy Pascal also have plans for what appears to be a separate Spider-Man universe kicking off with 2018's Venom and Silver & Black. But as news spreads for the potential for Sony's projects to fit within the well-established Marvel Cinematic Universe over at Disney, the Spider-Verse and the future following Homecoming still seems masked in mystery. Breaking down all things Spider-Man, here are my thoughts on where Marvel's most popular hero could swing next.

With this weekend's Spider-Man: Homecoming al…

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