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Movie Review: Mandy

Two souls deep in love. A pack of monstrous cultists willed by intoxicated egos. Dreamscapes dripping neon across a scathed mountain topography. The pupils of all eyes dilated by adrenaline, hallucinogens and pure, unwavering rage. Muddled religion collided with the solemn, convicted prayers of a man shattered by loss. This is the peculiar chemical concoction that worked to craft the latest from director Panos Cosmatos and star Nicolas Cage in the cosmic horror fever dream of Mandy. Oozing with gripping performances, a palette of breathtaking visuals and a revenge premise driven to a violent edge, Mandy crept out of the shadows and quickly solidified itself as a stunning mix of modern aesthetic and classic horror cinema.

The year is 1983. Hidden away deep in the primal wilderness of the Shadow Mountains, logger Red Miller (Nicolas Cage) has created an idyllic existence alongside his beautifully deceptive partner Mandy Bloom (Andrea Riseborough). Deep in love, no outside force could p…

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