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TV Review: Marvel's The Defenders - Season 1

From the dawn of Marvel's reign on the streaming service of Netflix back in 2015 with the critically-acclaimed Daredevil series, the studio of super-powered heroes and lighthearted big-screen action has since crafting one of their darkest and most compelling corners in their collective television series following Daredevil. Moving quickly from ninjas and blind lawyers to the likes of an unbreakable ex-con and an alcoholic P.I. (then eventually back to ninjas), the bold collaboration that has spawned from Netflix and Marvel Television has given some of the comics' most human characters some dynamic life on the small screen. With the first four shows to come out of the collaboration, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, all culminating in the highly-anticipated team-up series, The Defenders, the stars seemed to have aligned to give us one of the most satisfying superhero team-ups since The Avengers.

The city of New York remains in tact under the watchful eyes of…

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