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Movie Review: Columbus

Spawning from the various inklings of renowned visionary directors like Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, and Yasujiro Ozu, the first dive into major filmmaking for video essayist Kogonada found itself in the solemn and intellectual Columbus. The first film I've ever seen that truly worked to bridge the gap between the themes of architecture and a young adult's coming-of-age, Columbus quickly grappled onto my attention, not only through its premise and superb performances, but also through its captivating setting of the so-called 'architectural mecca' of Columbus, Indiana.

After his estranged architect father suddenly falls ill during a speaking tour, his reluctant son Jin (John Cho) finds himself stranded in the small confines of Columbus, Indiana, a city celebrated for its abundant examples of modernist architecture. As Jin slowly explores the city, he encounters a young woman named Casey (Haley Lu Richardson), an architectural enthusiast who has lived in Columbus with…

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