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'Logan Noir': How Monochrome Fuels Intimacy

When I saw James Mangold's Logan for the first time, I was treated to what I believed to be one of the most riveting and timeless superhero films of all-time. With eloquent storytelling that drew up memories of classic western tragedies, and the audacity to push a comic-book character so renowned as Wolverine to his darkest point, Mangold presented us with a captivating image of what a superhero film can look like when all the glamorous allure of modern blockbuster filmmaking is tucked away. Walking away from my first viewing of Logan, the potential of what can emerge at the intersection of classic filmmaking, modern-day consequences, and the superhero genre left my mind racing. Revisiting Logan, this time in the special black-and-white edition known as Logan Noir, another ideal sprung to mind -- the intimacy of monochrome. 

While the story of James Mangold's bold take on a crippling Wolverine in Logan might not change that much when a layer of monochrome is applied to the fi…

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