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Movie Review: Annihilation

From writer/director Alex Garland, who managed to lure science fiction fans back in 2015 into his superb, bone-chilling thriller Ex Machina, comes the independent filmmaker's latest venture into the mysterious and ambitious realm that lies between science fiction and horror. With Annihilation striding confidently forward not only with its unnerving premise (based on James VanderMeer's best-selling 2014 novel), but its predominately female cast as well, the daring thriller managed to bring a string of compelling performances, mixed with an eerie and unpredictable atmosphere. With dialogue that sliced cleaner than the film's visuals, Annihilation could make for a new sci-fi classic.

After her husband (Oscar Isaac) suddenly returns home from a deadly expedition into an unstable ecological phenomenon known as "The Shimmer", biology professor Lena (Natalie Portman) finds herself at an unknown research outpost dedicated to studying it. Drawn into the latest expedition…

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