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Movie Review: The Disaster Artist

From director James Franco, who continues to make a name for himself in Hollywood not only as a maturing actor, but as a producer and filmmaker as well, comes possibly his most startling breakthrough yet in this month's The Disaster Artist. Taking on the reins of director, producer, and star, in a bold feature that worked to dissect the making of one of the worst films ever made in 2003's The Room, it would seem Franco has struck gold in reveling in the peculiar tragedy of The Room's eccentric mastermind Tommy Wiseau. Crafting a hilarious, obscure, and undeniably inspirational peek inside the movie-making process, all through the eyes of his fascinating portrayal of Wiseau, James Franco delivered one of his best films to date with this off-beat masterpiece. 

In the early 2000s, struggling actor Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) meets the mysterious and outlandish personality that is Tommy Wiseau (James Franco). Both set on their own unique path towards gaining fame and recogniti…

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