Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is the epic conclusion to the famous Christopher Nolan Batman film series. In this brand-new sequel, Bruce Wayne, played by Christian Bale, continues to recover from the events of, the previous film, The Dark Knight, where he blamed himself for the murders committed by former DA Harvey Dent aka Two-Face. After also being blamed for the murder of Harvey himself, Bruce hides away for nearly eight years while also leaving Gotham City without their hero, Batman. While Bruce stays hidden from the outside world, a new enemy rises named Bane, who has dangerous intentions for the city of Gotham. After Bane brings terror and pain to Gotham, Bruce becomes Batman once again to stop Bane and his army of terrorists from destroying Gotham and the people within. 

If you loved the other Nolan Batman films, you'll defiantly love this new chapter into Bruce Wayne's life, all about how Bruce regains his strength to become Batman again even in a time of war and pain. The story in this movie, I felt like, was much more stronger than any of the other Batman films. The villain, Bane, really brought the story into a more chaotic and dangerous setting and feeling throughout the movie. Nolan defiantly made Bane much more menacing than I had ever expected him to be in this movie. Another character I liked in this film was Michael Caine who also reprises his role as Alfred, Bruce's butler and father figure. I loved Caine's performance in this film because he really went deeper in his emotion about how he felt about Bruce and his secret identity as Batman and how it may affect Bruce in the end. I think Caine shows some of his best emotion at the end of the film where his and Bruce's relationship takes a bad turn. 

The new characters in this film was another thing I enjoyed because it introduced new people, while also introducing new stories. The two new characters they introduced in this movie were Miranda Tate and John Blake. Miranda Tate is a member of the Wayne Enterprises executive board who ends up being Bruce's love interest, until she reveals a huge secret about her identity. John Blake is a Gotham City cop who plays an important role in keeping Gotham City in tack during times of war and terror. If you want a great action/ semi-disaster film, while also keeping things serious, then you'll love this new Batman action flick. 

I gave this movie a 10 out of 10 because this movie was awesome and way better than I had ever expected. The cast was amazing and the story was full of action and plot-twists. Christopher Nolan has done it again with this amazing conclusion to The Dark Knight trilogy.      

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