Movie Review: The Heat

From the director of 2011's Oscar nominated comedy Bridesmaids, comes Paul Feig's next big action-comedy, The Heat, about New York's not-so-respected FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) who must team up with Boston's finest, and most foul-mouthed, detective Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy). At first the two are at odds, believing that they both have unusual qualities and techniques in how they pull off their investigations. But after being forced to work with Mullins for a promotion, Ashburn holds it together as she follows Mullins in her way of finding out the truth behind Boston's unknown drug dealings. Together, the two must stop a Russian mobster from continuing his dealings and harming Mullins' family. 

 While it wasn't the year's greatest comedy of all, The Heat brings the heat and laughter in this action-comedy about buddy-cops who are at odds the entire film and must deal with it in the funniest of ways. The seriousness and professionalism of Bullock's character mixed with the crazy, foulness, and insanity of McCarthy's is amazingly hilarious in this film as the two yell and argue over how they can solve their crimes. The two are an amazing team of action and comedy as they struggle to beat the heat against drug dealers, knife-wielding mobsters, and the worst of all, Mullins' funny feuding family of criminals.    

Starring in films such as Bridesmaids, Identity Thief, and the third film in the Hangover series, Melissa McCarthy has shown us that she can make us laugh about anywhere and at anytime. Being the foul-mouthed, crazy-hilarious person that she is, she is what made this movie what it is. Being a great performer in physical comedy, McCarthy definitely proves she's the partner Bullock needs when solving the most dangerous of crimes, becoming a fearless, foul-mouthed, and frightening Boston cop. While McCarthy brought yet another hilarious performance, the other star of the film, Sandra Bullock, cannot go unnoticed. Starring in films like The Blind Side, The Proposal, and this year's thriller Gravity, Bullock gives nothing but her best performance in everything she does, from her most serious roles to her funniest and strangest ones. In The Heat, Bullock plays uptight New York special agent Sarah Ashburn, who feels unappreciated and disliked by her fellow agents, making her single and nearly friendless. But, soon after she is moved to Boston to investigate drug dealings, Ashburn meets her new partner, that eventually becomes her best friend. While this film may be all action and foul-mouthed comedy, there is also a decent story along with it that tells of how a good friendship between foes can be made with a little push and a lot of shooting. 

Not being the year's biggest blockbuster like Man of Steel, I don't have much else to say about this action-comedy except that it's a decent film if you're into crude comedies like Bridesmaids or Identity Thief. This film had many laugh-out-loud scenes that made that whole audience burst with uncontrollable laughter, but also had a good story of unlikely partners becoming good friends in the end. Having said that, I think The Heat is a good watch and will keep you laughing the whole time, while also reducing your popcorn supply every second you watch more.     

I gave this film a 7 out of 10 because it's not the greatest comedy of the year (so far), but it definitely delivers something that the audience can enjoy for an hour and a half and not be that disappointed with in the end.  

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