The Summer of Sequels: From Grown-Ups to Gods of Thunder

As we reach the mid-summer time of the year 2013, I've started to notice that many of the movies I've seen and some I haven't seen have begun to develop sequels to their films. Some looked good, such as Red 2 and the sequel to Thor, the heroic God of Thunder from Asgard, but then there were the bad ones I predicted wouldn't live up to the previous films.

Of the sequels I've seen so far, like G.I. Joe: RetaliationDespicable Me 2, and Star Trek Into Darkness, I fairly enjoyed the sequel to Star Trek, bringing in new characters and more galactic warfare, and the second Despicable Me, a more kid-friendly film but still appealing to the older audiences. Now, to the bad one, the sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra gave me every impression that it would blow me away, bringing in The Rock himself as Roadblock and delivering a new look for Cobra Commander. However, it ended up not delivering as much as I had hoped, killing off a main character and blowing up London for no good reason but to make the villain look tough with a space nuke.

Now, on to the most anticipated sequels of the year, such as Thor: The Dark World, Catching Fire, and the Hobbit sequel, that have peaked my attention the most so far. To start, the second Thor film looks much better than the previous one, this time pitting the God of Thunder against Dark Elves and the burden of winning back his human love (not as cool as the Elves, though). The first film was okay enough to debut the character on screen, but lacked good action and not enough Loki (That's what made The Avengers so good). The comic book god (No, not Stan Lee) needed a bit of an upgrade since departing from the Avengers for now, and needed to regain his place as a stand-alone character. Next comes probably the most popular teen novel-to-film adaptation (No, not that vampire one) known as The Hunger Games. Since its screen debut in 2012, this best-selling series has already been completing its anticipated sequel, Catching Fire, where Katniss, Peeta, and some new victims of the deadly event will come together to spark the fire in a revolution against the sinister rulers of Panem and the Capitol. As for the Hobbit sequel, I've yet to see the first one or even The Lord of the Rings series (Yes, I admit that's kind of sad), but either way, the sequel looks like it'll be a box-office hit just like the first one was.

Other sequels (and prequels), such as Smurfs 2, Monsters University, and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians sequel looked okay, but most likely didn't live up to the hype of the first film. However, I did want to check out the Monsters prequel because I grew up loving the first one and I'll always be a kid at heart. Grown Ups 2, what my sister had seen while I saw The Wolverine, was on my list for being a must-see, but then I thought how Adam Sandler never actually had a sequel before, so it might not be as good. But, either way, I'll check it out and hopefully get a review in soon.

Now that I've spilled my guts on what sequels I liked and hated the most, I'd like to hear from you guys (if anyone actually reads this). So tell me what sequels you want to see, or tell me a few movies you'd like them make a sequel for. District 9? Inception? Oblivion? Write what you think in the comments below.

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