Batman Vs. Superman in 2015: Blockbuster or Bad Idea?

At this year's annual geek fest, Comic-Con, in San Diego, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder announced something that made most nerds and others alike melt in their seats. The announcement was for the Man of Steel sequel to become the first meeting of the superheroes Superman and Batman, who later become rivals and face-off against one another.

In the wake of the announcement, comic and superhero fans alike cheered in excitement and glee for the first cinematic team-up/face-off of two popular superheroes ever. However, even if I might be excited to see how this whole plan plays out, I fear the worst for this upcoming event. For one, I feel like Warner Bros., the team behind the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, is rushing this and making it sloppy. I don't like the fact that they just ended the Batman trilogy a year ago and now they're replacing the actor and throwing him into a film like this. Another thing is that Man of Steel was so good, they could make a sequel without Batman and still make tons of money (maybe by pitting him against an enemy like Doomsday or something worse). I feel like Superman needs his own trilogy, like Batman, and then they can bring them together in the end. Either way, I think they should develop the new Superman character more and pit him against worse foes until he faces Batman. I don't know how Snyder and his team will pull it off, but I don't believe that rushing into such a big thing is such a good idea.

Whatever they decide to do and however this ends up looking like, I'll most likely still check it out to see if it's worth while once it hits theaters (or at least when the first trailer is released). I have faith in Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan and I hope they don't ruin the Superman and Batman franchise simultaneously with a blockbuster flop.

Do you agree with me? Do you think I'm the dumbest person alive for thinking this was a bad idea? And if you were a writer for this film, would you leave it as is or would you make the sequel different? Leave your comments in the space below and tell me what you think about this film and other future films...

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