Most Anticipated Films of Spring 2014

With the Oscars rolling around soon and new movies coming out here and there, I decided to sit down and talk about my most anticipated films of this spring season (which also includes the end of this winter season). From the kid-at-heart Lego movie to new superhero films, these are some of the films of 2014 that I'm most excited to see:

History Comes to Screen, While My Inner Child Goes Unleashed:

From Nazi-fighting, art-loving World War II troops to Ark-building Biblical heroes, history seems to be very prominent in films this year. February's The Monuments Men, telling of a WWII platoon (George Clooney, Matt Damon) out to save the most famous art from Nazi thieves, looks very entertaining and the cast is exceptional. Director George Clooney brings his A-game with this interesting look inside the hidden heroes of World War II. Another not-as-exciting historical film is March's Noah, telling of the Biblical Noah (Russell Crowe) who must build a massive Ark in order to save his family and the world from a devastating flood. While Crowe is an excellent actor, and the effects in the film look outstanding, I don't think the film will make a big enough impact to get noticed for awards. Moving away from historic films, another film my inner child is excited for is the new film featuring the tiny plastic people we all grew up playing with, in February's The Lego Movie. A fan of Legos as a kid, this movie looks fun and awesome, with an amazing cast of stars playing a variety of cinematic characters from Batman and Superman to C-3PO and Han Solo. While this movie may not be award-worthy in the end (who knows?), it'll still be entertaining to enjoy while I'm still a kid-at-heart.    

Age of Sequels and Sci-Fi On Repeat

From new sequels of superhero films and Transformers to sci-fi Groundhog Day, 2014 is full of awesome new superhero films and science fiction spectacles to enjoy. Beginning with the superhero films, we begin this great year with sequels for two of the best superheroes out there, Captain America and the new and rebooted Spider-Man. While the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Out May 2nd) may look action-packed and has Spidey (Andrew Garfield) sporting a new suit, it doesn't compare to the much-anticipated sequel for Captain America, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Out April 4th), that features Cap also in a new suit and with a new team working with him to stop a mysterious enemy. In my opinion, this, along with the new futuristic X-Men film (Out May 23rd), is much more excited than the new Spidey film. Another surprising sequel arriving this year is the new Transformers film, Age of Extinction (Out June 27th), which features an all-new cast with Mark Wahlberg at its head, and new looks for the Autobots we know and love. This film already looks intriguing, even without a trailer released yet. I hope series director Micheal Bay can continue his streak in this series of transforming action-packed vehicles. Next up are the sci-fi films that head this early spring season of cinema, beginning with the intriguing thriller Transcendence (Out April 18). Led by star Johnny Depp, Transcendence tells the story of how one man downloads his mind into his computer, granting him unimaginable power that soon becomes dangerously unstoppable. With a stellar cast including Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy, the film looks interesting and may end up being a pretty good thriller to start the year off. Next in science fiction is the futuristic Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow (Out June 6th), which tells of how one soldier (Tom Cruise) lives his final days again and again, and must find a way to stop the time loop. With astonishing action scenes and awesome mechanical suits strapped onto the cast of the film, Edge of Tomorrow seems like the best sci-fi film since last year's Elysium.  

Reboots and Racing Rehash:

This year is also the year of reboots, with reboots of RoboCop and Godzilla just around the corner. While this is a post about the most anticipated films of this season, I'm not a fan of most reboots and I'm not really that excited for these films as much as others. However, I just wanted to mention them because I know some people will still see these movies and love them. To start off, the classic sci-fi cop film RoboCop (which I sadly have never seen) is getting its own reboot (Out Feb. 12th) with a sleeker, darker look to the cop-turned-robot and a different man behind the bot. While I myself cannot compare the two films just yet, I know that the original is a classic and that fans aren't that happy about the reboot. But, with new 13-year-olds filling up the seats at movie theaters, this film will still probably do well as teenagers enjoy the less-violent action of this new and improved look at the classic film. Another reboot down the road is the new Godzilla film (Out May 16th), retelling the story of the giant radioactive reptile that threatens mankind. With Avengers: Age of Ultron co-stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen leading the cast, along with Bryan Cranston, this new reboot looks quite similar to its other reincarnations, but might be a bit more thrilling than what we've seen before. The final film I'm a bit spectacle about, this time not a reboot, is the video game-based film Need for Speed (Out March 14th). Starring Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, this film looks like a good racing film, but also looks like it's just trying to compete with the other racing film franchise The Fast and the Furious, which has dominated the box office many times already with its fast cars and amazing cast. However, I do hope this film gets a chance to compete and doesn't get beat out that quickly. Maybe Aaron Paul will manage to win his audience over like he did on Breaking Bad already.

Well, that's about it for now, check back later for more of my most anticipated films of this summer and beyond. Also, while you're here, tell me what films you're most excited about in the comments below. Or, if you agree (or disagree) with what I said in this post, post your thoughts about these films below. Remember to follow my blog and come back soon for more reviews and other stuff!

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