A Final Look at X-Men: Days of Future Past

After a couple somewhat awesome sneak-peeks at the newest X-Men film, we finally get the first full-length trailer. In the trailer, we find the X-Men disbanded and hunted in a near future, where robots known as Sentinels kill them off. After being sent into the past, Wolverine (who is basically in every X-Men film) must convince a young, and quite sleazy Charles Xavier into reuniting the mutant team. Also in the trailer, we meet up with Magneto, who has found himself in prison for the accused assassination of JFK, and other fellow mutants like Mystique, Beast, and newcomer Quicksilver. With funny dialogue and floating baseball stadiums, director Bryan Singer reunites the X-Men as they should be in this new installation in the mutant franchise. Stay tuned for the X-Men review after May, where I rant even more on one of my favorite superhero teams.

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