Top Picks for Spring TV: From Blind Crime-Fighters to Sibling Rivalry!

As the world of movies continues to expand into the stars and beyond, the world of the small screen also continues to expand, with even more lame comedies and daring dramas. From the realm of Netflix to the ever-constricting limitations of primetime networking, this Spring is full of new shows to both enjoy and fight over. Collecting just a few of the newest series to hit the television screens this season, here are some of my most anticipated shows that will have me binging on them quite soon:

Marvel's Daredevil- Centered on the Marvel Comics superhero (or anti-hero) Daredevil, the blind crime-fighter with a knack for kicking ass and bringing justice to the streets of New York, Netflix's next big project hopes to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond the silver screen. Starring Boardwalk Empire alum Charlie Cox as the blind Matt Murdock, this show wrangles together a cast of bad-ass actors, and promises a brooding premise of redemption and justice, all to occupy the already-dark and free-of-restriction home of the almighty Netflix. Probably my most anticipated new show of the season, the newest jump into the ever-expanding MCU will have audiences at the edge of their seats. 

American Odyssey- As far as political thrillers go, the only one that has really held my interest lately is the acclaimed Netflix series House of Cards. However, with NBC debuting their under-the-radar Homeland-look-alike, dubbed American Odyssey, I may have found my next new obsession. Chronicling the intertwined lives of three families, who are drastically affected by the disappearance of a U.S. Special Forces soldier (Anna Friel) in the Middle East, American Odyssey offers little more than questions as to what the hell is going to happen next. With a show like this, even on a network as struggling as NBC with keeping shows afloat, I'll definitely make an effort to watch this mysterious thriller.  

The Comedians- Set to debut on a network famous for their no-holds-barred comedies (Louie, Archer, You're the Worst), as well as their gripping dramas and creepy horror shows (Justified, The Americans, American Horror Story), The Comedians unites comedy legend Billy Crystal with the guy who played the snowman in Frozen for some late-night laughs. Starring as a superstar veteran of comedy (Crystal) and a fresh-faced, edgier comic (Josh Gad), the duo plans to bring hilarity and without a doubt some profanity to the newest comedy on the FX network. Already a fan of past comedies on the network, from the raunchy You're the Worst to the mindless Wilfred, this one may either find its way to the top of the charts, or end in small screen obscurity like the premature duo in FX's Partners.  

Dig- Already a month since the show's premiere in March, Dig has somehow managed to slip past my always thrill-seeking young eyes for far too long. Detailing the investigation of an American murder in Jerusalem from the eyes of a fearless FBI Agent Peter Connelly (Jason Isaacs), Dig sets its sights on "digging" up some massive dirt on a quite unholy conspiracy that lies beneath the surface of this holy ground. With great thrills and some top-notch creditably (with Homeland and Heroes writers on-board), Dig may be one mini-series this season worth checking out. Hopefully, while I juggle with numerous other awesome shows, I can one day sit down and enjoy this almost Indiana Jones-type archaeological adventure.

iZombie- From the creator of the ever-sarcastic and comical Veronica Mars series, iZombie continues the CW's ever-expanding reign of DC Comic shows, this time veering away from the brooding, masked vigilantes, and instead delivering a charismatic, brain-eating female protagonist. Starring newcomer Rose McIver as the happy-go-lucky medical examiner, who just happens to be a zombie, iZombie looks to gear more towards a younger audience, hoping to bring something fresh (and not considerably rotten) to the eyes of TV fans. With an intriguing premise of the whole eating-brains-gives-you-that-person's-memories-thing, as well as the promise of some decently humorous undead highjinks along the way, this series may do as well as its other fellow DC Comics-based shows.

Powers- While superheroes of all kinds already occupy the small screen, from the CW's power-duo of Arrow and The Flash to the somewhat-of-a-letdown of ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., PlayStation's (yes, I mean the gaming console) first original series, Powers, hopes to revolutionize the world of dark and gritty super-powered shows. Starring an odd cast led by the man who's in nearly every Neill Blomkamp film, Sharlto Copley, Powers looks both daring and cautious, as it strives to deliver big superhero action, but may not succeed in writing a decent story to keep the show on its feet. In the end, the show managed to catch my attention, with the simple promise of another interesting superhero show, as well as more Copley kicking other ass than junk-yard robots and Matt Damon. And while I may not own a PlayStation at this current moment, there are numerous other ways to take a peek at this super-powered series.

Wayward Pines- Based on the best-selling novel I've never heard of, produced by the guy infamous for directing films from The Last Airbender to After Earth, and starring a guy like Matt Dillon (whom I haven't seen on-screen in a long, long time), you could probably predict that FOX's newest mystery Wayward Pines might not end up all high and mighty in the end. And you might be right. While it does hold a decently perceived plot, quite similar to Stephen King's Under the Dome at first glance, Wayward Pines also looks like it may falter from two-dimensional characters and almost laughable dialogue, making for another one of FOX's quick cancellations. However, I'd say this one may be worth at least a look, as it competes with other network mysteries, from Secrets and Lies to American Crime, for the top place on TV.

One Big Happy- Well, last and certainly least, we have yet another one of those quirky, odd-couple-like comedies that are sure failures before you even start watching. In a time where lesbians and gays are all the rage (or start all the rage), we find ourselves watching a show about a guy torn between his lesbian baby mama and his lovely new wife. Yep, that's the premise of this show. While it may sound unorthodox and, in some cases, unneeded, for some reason shows like these keep the fans coming. Fueled by sex jokes and relationship mishaps, One Big Happy strives to survive among veteran sitcoms like Undateable and other freshies like The Odd Couple.   

Also Look Out For These Other Fresh Shows:

Bloodline: Dark secrets come to light as family drama ignites in the Florida Keys.
The Messengers: Basically the premise of any superhero movie where the hero gains powers from a mysterious space object. 
Secrets and Lies: Putting his family, his reputation, and his sanity at stake, a family man must convince the people around him that he didn't murder the boy he most likely did murder.
The Last Man on Earth: SNL alum Will Forte grows more than just a grueling beard in this odd comedy about humanity's last hope.
Battle Creek: Starring the arrogant and humorous Josh Duhamel alongside the stern and calculated Dean Winters, this show by the creators of Breaking Bad and House is your basic buddy-cop procedural of the year. 

Stick around next week for my breakdown of the biggest spy films of this year, from Daniel Craig's next outing as the suave James Bond to Melissa McCarthy's next hilarious outing as herself in a ill-fitted spy costume. Let the "Year of the Spy" commence!

Man of Steel's Henry Cavill joins the spy world late this summer, as he stars in
The Man From U.N.C.L.E as Napoleon Solo 

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