Coming Soon: Top Summer Films, Plus Daredevil Season 1 Review

With every passing week, more and more exciting news and films and news about films are flooding the media, from blockbuster superheroes to the hottest things to watch in the theater (No, not Fifty Shades of Grey). With all this crazed hysteria, on the big and small screens, I'm here to breakdown some of the most anticipated things coming your way. From the funniest and sleekest films hitting theaters this summer to the profound hype surrounding Netflix's highly-acclaimed Daredevil series, and so on, stay tuned for lots of exciting new posts coming soon. 

Also coming soon, I take a peek inside the sneak peeks, as I weigh my thoughts on all of the creepy, daring, and curious first-look photos from films from DC's Suicide Squad to Marvel's next massive installment in the X-Men franchise. A cooler Deadpool, a fresh-faced Nightcrawler, and a band of murky and motley assassins? Count me in! Remember to follow and share with friends if you want more.

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