Trailer Review: Suicide Squad

With the second trailer for the much-anticipated anti-hero team-up film, Suicide Squad, being released just yesterday, the pure audacity and whimsical nature of the preview prompted me to share my thoughts on the hectic trailer. Ultimately the second attempt (after the heavy hitter they're dropping in March) for DC Comics and Warner Brothers to craft a whole new film universe after their one solo Superman flick, this Guardians of the Galaxy-meets-Ocean's Eleven superhero film packs more than a punch with this glamorized and no-holds-barred teaser.  

Rather than breaking down the crazed trailer -- a mixture of me not knowing a thing about many of these colorful DC characters and that so much goes down in the quick but thick trailer -- I'm just here to relay my initial thoughts on the trailer, as well as what we know about the film itself so far. With that, diving into the trailer, the tone of it grabs you right from the start, blaring the iconic Queen anthem "Bohemian Rhapsody". An odd pick for such a presumably dark film about imprisoned criminals enlisted to pull off government tasks that will most likely result in their demise, the whimsical melody only increases the delightfully mad flavor of the preview.

From the trailer, we get many glimpses of our main cast, including a deranged Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, a tea-drinking Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and a witty Will Smith as Deadshot. Brought together by Viola Davis' Amanda Waller (looking to be just as bad-ass as she is in everything), this rambunctious team doesn't look to be too friendly once they're let out of their cages. We also get a good look at Rick Flag, played by Joel Kinnaman. Supposedly the leader of the Squad, the trailer showing him going down the list, reading off the members and their abilities, it'll be interesting to see what Kinnaman can bring to the role. Once rumored to have Tom Hardy as Flag, a casting decision I would've gladly stood behind, I've seen little of Kinnaman so far to read exactly what he'll end up bringing to the character.

I never really cared much for Harley Quinn...until now
Alongside Flag, we find Cara Delevingne, set to play Julie Moon aka Enchantress. A powerful sorceress and not so pleasant to look at in her witch form, the trailer heavily suggests that Delevingne's cursed character may ultimately be the film's main antagonist. While Jared Leto's Joker could still fill that spot (even if the trailer teases otherwise), I have a strong feeling this rumor might be true. In the trailer, as Flag breaks down the Squad members, we get a brief peek at Delevingne, showing off her human side rather than her gloomy bewitched persona. This could elude to the fact that she either becomes possessed by the supposed witch during the events of the film (or in a flashback), or that she can somehow control her appearance from her human form and her witch form. Knowing little about Enchantress myself, I will say that I am highly intrigued to find out how Cara's character plays into the film.

Another intriguing character is Jay Hernandez's El Diablo,
a fire-wielding ex-gang member who is haunted by his past
Along with the mysterious Enchantress, who isn't seen much else for the rest of the trailer, we get a look at the other antagonists that the Squad may find in their way. Before I mention the Joker, I have to touch briefly on the eerie black goo that makes a prominent presence in the trailer. Rumored to be products of Delevingne's character, maybe building up an army to combat the team of anti-heroes, these odd-looking creatures look to be the main roadblock in the Squad's unknown mission. From derailing subway trains to wielding guns as humanoid soldiers, whatever this black goo may be, you could say it isn't very friendly. Whether they're under the control of Enchantress or a product of some other higher power, much is still left in the shadows.

Speaking of odd-looking creatures, a main highlight in this trailer (much as it was in the last one) was even more footage of the all-new Joker. Sparking much protest from comic book fans and movie fans alike, Jared Leto's Joker has been the subject of much criticism for the past few months. Positive and negative across the board, as some now see Leto as the definitive comic-book Clown Prince of Crime, while others still can't accept anything but Heath Ledger's brilliant take on the character in The Dark Knight, there's no doubt this Joker is something much different than what we've seen before. Now, with Leto slowly becoming a favorite of mine (his past roles ranging from the inspiring to the dynamically transformative), and his version of the clown offering up a delightfully cautious approach, I'm entering this film with an odd mixture of hope and fear that Leto can actually pull it off. This trailer giving us even more insight as to what role the super-villain may play in the film -- as we see a tuxedoed Joker shooting off bullets hysterically, and diving fearlessly into a vat of some sort of chemical -- it's unknown if we're just getting a peek at the major character in flashbacks, or if he's right at the center of the action in the film.

While much is still left unanswered, like where the hell Batman is and whether or not Scott Eastwood is playing Deathstroke, this high-octane and thoroughly eye-popping trailer offered a brilliantly-toned tease at what we can expect from the more comedic side of DC and Warner Bros. After a lackluster Man of Steel, and a hopeful ticket to fame with March's Batman v. Superman, the curious DC Extended Universe is right on track to pull its weight against Marvel Studios' blockbuster lead. While the newest trailer for Suicide Squad may come off as a darker Guardians of the Galaxy, I believe DC intends on making its mark on the comic-book film world in a whole different way this summer.

So, I freaking loved that trailer. What did you make of it? Was there enough Joker? Too much Will Smith? Let me know your thoughts on this frantic trailer in the comments below, and remember to stick around for more reviews and trailer breakdowns like this one!    

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