Trailer Review: Batman v Superman (Final Trailer)

With yet another trailer for the highly-anticipated superhero face-off Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice being released just this past week, I could help but share my thoughts on just how different -- and greatly improved -- this tease is compared with the last one. Offering a more stylized approach to the trailer, as well as a much greater focus on the Caped Crusader himself, the final trailer for Batman v Superman not only gets me even more excited for the film, but also leaves with many questions. Here with a brief review for the 2-minute tease, I'll give you the good, the bad, and the ugly (although there isn't much of that here this time).

Beginning with what could be either actual footage from the film or gameplay from one of the Arkham Asylum video games, we get our first lengthy look at just what kind of Batman Ben Affleck has in store for us. Looking to be far more agile than past live-action Batmen we've seen (even in his apparent old age), Affleck's take on the Caped Crusader could offer a more violent vigilante than we've seen before, not afraid to shed a little blood if necessary. Supporting Affleck from the start, I have no doubt his interpretation would kick ass, especially with his take on Bruce Wayne. This preview not only offering us a peek at his fighting skills, but also the character's grasp on his withering age, I believe this film could give us one of the most interesting Batmen we've ever seen on the live-action platform -- at least in terms of character development.

Jeremy Irons could be the most interesting -- and mobile -- Alfreds we've
ever seen on-screen...Sorry, Michael Caine
What's unleashed in the remainder of the trailer was basically exactly what every fan wanted in a trailer, tossing a plethora of quick shots of action and dialogue, all without revealing too much. Along with its stylized rock n' roll tone, the trailer runs through its scenes effortlessly, tackling everything from its much-anticipated one-on-one between the titular superheroes to the first bit of dialogue from our new Wonder Woman. Much quicker in its pace than the last trailer we got for the film, the trailer successful portrayed everything we wanted to see in a teaser for a film releasing in just five weeks.

While I may have been skeptical when this trailer was first released -- the last one showing us a bit too much footage, as well as a big reveal that could've been saved for the final film -- the conclusive trailer for this superhero showdown was definitely the best trailer we've seen from the film. While it may have been a bit unexpected to see yet another trailer, the tease may have not changed much about my hype for the film, but it definitely offered much-needed insight on just what kind of roles the Caped Crusader and newbie Wonder Woman could be playing in the film. While I may still have my doubts about how well this film will be --  still not sure about its plot and how many characters they're throwing in -- I will say this film definitely has me intrigued about it could give birth to a hopeful cinematic universe for DC Comics.

What did you think of the last trailer for Dawn of Justice? Are you more excited to see Ben Affleck's Batman, the return of Henry Cavill as Superman, or the new Wonder Woman? Leave a comment below on your thoughts about one of the biggest superhero films ever! 

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