'Justice League' Comic-Con Footage Breakdown

As the San Diego Comic Con continues to destroy the minds of fans everywhere with countless reveals and even greater stuff I will never see because I don't live in San Diego, nor have any way of getting anywhere near that headquarters of all things comics, movies, video games, etc., another massive reveal struck the DC fanbase as our first peek at 2017's Justice League was revealed in both a fantastic new image and a cryptic new trailer. While Marvel might be unmasking news from their newest projects as well (Brie Larson as Captain Marvel? New Doctor Strange trailer? Ghost Rider on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.???), probably the biggest surprise from the superhero genre has to be our first look at one of the most anticipated films of next year, DC's Justice League. And because of its unexpected awesomeness, I'm here with a breakdown.

Full of Zack Snyder-esque camera shots and vague introductions to DC Comics' top-tier players, this dynamic two-and-a-half minute tease kicks off with Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne putting on his best impression of Marvel's Nick Fury, calling out the elite metahumans of the world to join in his fight. His first target: A menacing and cloudy-eyed Jason Momoa aka Arthur Curry aka Aguaman aka King of Atlantis aka...okay, you get the point. Looking to be already very knowledgable about Curry's day-to-day lifestyle -- including his undersea escapades -- a burly and bearded Bruce Wayne knows exactly who he's looking for. But, is Momoa's Aquaman up for the fight? Not just yet.

As the upbeat trailer music quickly kicks off, we can already see just how different this film might be from DC's last entry, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While Dawn may have been mostly brooding and dark, pitting two heroes against each other with only Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luther impersonation to keep the laughs coming (for some of us at least), this first peek at Justice League somewhat promises a more upbeat and fast-paced adventure, one that will surely have more fun with itself than Dawn of Justice did. That aside (for now), the trailer continues with Wayne hyping up his urgent cause, as we see a cryptic shot of a group of men, clad in ancient armor, burying a box of some sort in the woods. Most likely one of the Mother Boxes that we saw teased at in Dawn of Justice, these warriors could be trying to hide this device from the so-called "ancient enemy" which Affleck's Bruce Wayne mentions. This quick glimpse probably alludes to just how long said enemy has been looking for said device. Which is probably a long, long time.

As Wayne's heroic rallying speech echoes in the background, we see some flashy shots of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, as well as a swashbuckling and tattooed Arthur Curry and a quick shot of Ray Fisher's Victor Stone aka Cyborg (who apparently attended Gotham City University), all before getting to the meat of the trailer, or the part DC and Warner Bros. want to sell fans on first and foremost. Yeah, Aguaman looks bad-ass, Bruce Wayne is Nick Fury-ing the hell out of this, and Wonder Woman is here too, but first, here's how funny Ezra Miller will be as Barry Allen aka The Flash. Yes, as Bruce Wayne continues his search for all those "special friends" he saw in the file in Dawn of Justice, probably the most eager to join is wiz-kid/forensic investigator Barry Allen. A pivotal scene in this teaser, which both successfully convinced me to like Ezra Miller as Allen and further showed me how lighter in tone this film might be than Dawn, I'll keep it simple and just say that I loved this scene. Displaying Barry's obvious tech-wizard persona -- as evident by his countless monitors and favorite chairs -- we can pretty much consider this kid young Bruce Wayne...minus the parents being shot dead in front of him and the bat fetish, of course. Offering us a quick taste of just how powerful Allen really is, channeling his Speed Force in order to catch a batarang tossed his way, we can assume that as most Justice League fans already know, the Flash will be the film's hopefully-enjoyable comic relief. We can also assume that he'll be pretty bad-ass as well.

As we see more interaction between Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince, questioning whether or not an enraged Arthur Curry is up for joining their boy (and one girl) band yet, the battle ignites as these rookie heroes suit up and kick ass. As the metahuman line-up storms a mysterious -- most likely underground -- lair by the looks of it, we get our first peek at some of the action in the film. With more deflecting from Wonder Woman, more speed stuff from the Flash, and a moping Cyborg -- well, it says he can manipulate technology and teleport, so...maybe he just having an off-day -- we may not know what they fighting exactly, but we do that if it's Snyder we're dealing with, then you know it'll be something big and something unnecessarily violent. Oh, and CGI.

As the snarky and ever-teasing trailer concludes with a shot of Affleck's Batman being both a bad-ass once more ("I'm real when it's useful") and a total jack-ass ("I hear you can talk to fish"), one question still begs to be answered. Where the hell is Superman? Well, if Zack Snyder learned anything from revealing "Doomsday" back before Dawn of Justice came out, then he knows damn well that he should save the biggest reveal in the movie until the actual movie comes out! Even though "Doomsday" wasn't that big of a reveal and nearly everyone knew that he was coming. Still, everyone already knows Superman is alive...I mean duuhh, why would Henry Cavill be working out for this movie if he's not even in it? Just for fun? Nobody does that stuff for fun? Anyway, revived Clark Kent has to look fit as hell to impress Lois Lane? Amiright?

Wow, that got sidetracked real quick. Anyway, what was your favorite moment from the Justice League trailer? Is there anything you hoped to see that wasn't in the footage shown? Let me know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments below, and stay tuned for more reviews and trailer breakdowns soon!

Oh, and that Wonder Woman trailer? F*cking amazing! I would do a breakdown, but I have really have no clue about anything Wonder Woman related, so maybe after some quick studying. But Chris Pine? Yes. World War I setting? Yes. Epic action? DEFINITELY YES.

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