Iron Man 3 Trailer Break-Down

Since Tuesday of this week, I've been hooked on the trailer of the most recent film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man 3. After seeing the first two Iron Man films, and also The Avengers (about 3 times), this one looks pretty awesome in my opinion. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you must be living under a rock because this is all over the internet and it's one explosive trailer. Now that I've seen it, I want to give you a break-down of the trailer, predicting what each scene means to me.
The first scene is Tony Stark (played by the amazing Robert Downey Jr.) in his Iron Man armor lying in the snow in an unknown place (possibly China). From the looks of it, it seems like he just got out of some fight scene with the villain or someone else, judging from his ripped-off mask and battered armor. Then, he says he has a lot of apologies to make, possibly talking about what happened in The Avengers in the battle scene in New York.
Next, Tony mentions that "nothing's been the same since New York" and that he "experienced things and then they were over." I'm guessing that might be a main problem in this film, that Tony will still be "shook-up" from what happened in The Avengers.
Next, and this might be the coolest thing in the movie, we see Tony activating a part of his suit to fly onto his hand from the table. I thought this was pretty awesome because now he can now control his armor without even touching it (I guess this is from the Iron Man comic "Extremis". Don't feel bad if you haven't read it, because neither have I). Then we get more of Tony saying that he can't sleep and when he does he has nightmares about the events in New York. He also says that there are now people out to kill him (just to add to my excitement).
Then, out of nowhere, Tony and Pepper Potts (girlfriend/CEO) are sleeping in bed, when one of Tony's Iron Man suits grabs Pepper (this part I have no idea what is going on and no idea who might be in the suit).
Then, we get a good shot of all of Tony's suits being blown from the wall, and then we get the first glimpse of the main villain, who I'm guessing is The Mandarin, that narrates the next parts of the trailer.
As he narrates, we get other shots of main characters such as new character, Dr. Maya Hansen, Col. James Rhodes (sporting a new "patriotic" War Machine suit), an injured Happy Hogan, and what is this...Tony Stark in the hospital? I guess I'll have to wait and see that next year when the movie releases.
Finally, after a few more awesome shots of Iron Man and The Mandarin, we get the "pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance" when we see helicopters (most likely sent by the Mandarin) firing missiles at Tony and Pepper's bungalow on the ridge, blowing it to smithereens. In the process, Tony, now in his armor, literally gets dragged to the bottom of the ocean and nearly crushed by debris of his house.
After seeing this trailer, I just know it will be a #1 blockbuster (probably not beating The Avengers, though).

Stay tuned next year for my full review of this movie (that I am determined to see the day it comes out), along with other Marvel films soon to come (The Wolverine, Cap. America: The Winter Soldier, and Thor: The Dark World).     


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