Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy is the fourth installment of the Jason Bourne film series, based off the book series by author Robert Ludlum. In this installment, it centers around a new member of a black ops program called Operation Outcome, named Aaron Cross, who after surviving a mission in Alaska, goes to help the lone survivor of a murder-suicide, Dr. Marta Shearing. After saving the doctor at her home from a team of assassins, Cross and Shearing travel to the Philippines to help Aaron "viral off" of the blue chems, which are genetically modified pills used to enhance his physical and mental abilities as a field operative.

Even without Jason Bourne, the Bourne series still delivers! This movie was excellent in my opinion because it had a great cast, great action scenes, and a good story, even without the talented Matt Damon as Bourne. The new guy, Aaron Cross, played by the amazing Jeremy Renner, who I last saw in The Avengers as the sharp-shooting archer, Hawkeye, did an amazing job as the new operative in the world of Jason Bourne. He really stole the show by bringing in some great emotion and also some amazing fighting skills, taking on enemies from factory guards to Alaskan wolves. Another character I liked in this movie was Eric Byer, played by Edward Norton, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel responsible for overseeing the CIA's clandestine operations. I enjoyed Norton's performance in this because he portrayed a sort of villainous character when he decides to end the Outcome program and wipe out all the agents, after the other programs are publicly exposed. I've always enjoyed Norton as an actor since he played Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk in 2008. Some people didn't like him as much, but I think he portrayed the character well.

Another thing I enjoyed in this film were the amazing action scenes throughout the movie. From long shoot-outs to thrilling motorcycle chases, this movie really brought the action back to the Bourne series. From seeing it in The Avengers about 3 times, I already knew Renner was an amazing shooter with a bow, but know I know that he's not that bad with a sniper either. From hunting deer to shooting down drone planes, Renner definitely proved himself again in the arts of sharp-shooting. One thing I always love in action movies is a good chase scene. This movie surpassed my expectations with an amazing, and quite prolonged, motorcycle chase through the streets of Manila, Phillipines.

Overall, this movie was a great continuation of the Bourne series, even with the absence of the man behind the Blackbriar and Treadstone programs, Jason Bourne.

I gave this movie a 8 out of 10 because it had amazing action scenes, a good cast, and a great story, but still lacked the "Bourne" in the Bourne series. Hopefully, we'll get to see Matt Damon as Jason Bourne again later in the series.       

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