First Thoughts on FOX's "Gotham"

Revealed just a few weeks ago to the world, FOX leaps to new heights with its new TV show Gotham. Yes, by Gotham, I mean the dark, gloomy city that is watched over by the Caped Crusader himself, Batman. However, in this new show, it's not only about Bats himself, but also the equally essential character of James Gordon. Starting out as a rookie detective of Gotham, Gordon faces a number of struggles as he rises to later become the police commissioner we know and love. And that's where the story begins, the story we've rarely seen on-screen or even in comics, the story of James Gordon.

With most of the cast for the show already revealed, we now know that Southland star Ben McKenzie is set to play the young Gordon, a decent choice from first glance. Also, as the show's main focus is on Gordon and his team of detectives, the big question is if Batman's secret identity, millionaire orphan Bruce Wayne, will appear in the show. Well obviously the answer is yes, but not as you may suspect. Played by the Touch child star David Mazouz, Bruce is going to appear, but may not be as out and about as he is when he's older and in a bat-suit. Either way, I'm already fascinated by the interesting concept of a cop show set in the world of Batman and his DC counterparts. I, along with many other fans, have never seen this type of show before, a show that goes beneath the massive appeal of the Caped Crusader and unveils the actions and struggles of the lesser known characters of the universe.

Voyaging into the deep recesses of the popular commissioner we all know, Gotham reveals Gordon's defining challenges in the police business, and also in the massive crime underworld of Gotham City. Going up against foes ranging from gang bosses to the likes of Oswald Cobblepot, or as we know him as The Penguin, the young and maturing James Gordon discovers his true capabilities as a detective, and also forms a defining bond with the young Bruce Wayne.

I think this show has a lot of ambition and courage, tackling a tale we've yet to see brought to television, and bringing out the true heroes of a city flooded with corrupt and treacherous vigilantes and criminals. Telling of the origin story of a man who defines law and order, and foreshadowing the infamous villains of Gotham, this new project by FOX is surely one I'll be setting the DVR for in the coming future.



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