New Reviews: The Counselor, Captain America 2, etc.

Spring break is here, and with that comes new reviews! While I have the week off from the torture of school, I hope to keep up my reviews by catching up on some new movies, and some old ones I missed last year. Next up comes the drug-trafficking thriller starring Magneto aka Micheal Fassbender in The Counselor, a film that everyone seems to hate because of its weak plot and dull characters. Despite that, I still want to check it out to see if it's as bad as they say it is. Then, after winning early tickets to see it this Wednesday, I'll bring you the film I've been dying to see: Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Hopefully, unless I die of too much awesomeness after I see it, I can get a review in for you guys by Thursday.

For those on spring break, have a safe and fun break and go check out Cap 2, or Noah, but probably not Sabotage. Remember to come back for more reviews and trailers, and comment and follow if you'd like!

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