Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Breakdown!

With massive hype and great speculation circling the superhero genre these last few days, there can only be one cause: The most-anticipated release of the coveted Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer! Sequel to one of Marvel Studios' biggest releases, that quickly became superhero fans' favorite film, Age of Ultron unleashes Marvel's grand power of filmmaking once again to deliver another great blockbuster next year. Here is my breakdown and reaction to this amazing trailer:

We start off with massive hysteria in the streets of a city, presumingly somewhere other than New York, where chaos and riots break out between the citizens. Narrating this dark intro, is none other than Ultron, voiced impeccably by the great James Spader, with a voice like a god. Speaking of people "screaming for mercy", Ultron quickly lays down the jist of the situation: Sh*t's going down. Back to this crowd of hysteria, among the civilians are two unlike the rest. That's right, it's the new members of the film, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver aka the Maximoff twins, played by Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron-Taylor Johnson. Why they are within this crowd of craziness, we have yet to find out. One theory could be that, after being rescued from Baron von Strucker's lab (the place at the end of Winter Soldier), the twins are enemies of the heroic Avengers, and are therefore protesting against them here. Either way, the two most likely play a massive part in the film's story. 

Moving on, next we get a glimpse of a metal hand, most likely Ultron's, with melting liquid metal falling upon it. This might symbolize the creation of Ultron by Tony Stark aka Iron Man, who constructs the evil bot from his own suits. More hysteria is shown, then BOOM, our first peek at one of our favorite Avengers, Captain America (Chris Evans). Walking hopelessly among the city wreckage, unmasked, Cap looks down on his luck, defeated. As well, we get a shot of Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), as Spader's Ultron continues to narrate. Then, finally, we get a shot of the team, well most of it. Cap, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) sit divided in a Quinjet, all looking more or less depressed. We see that Banner is holding himself, scared, possibly because he Hulked-out and had to do something he didn't want to do. Like most of his Hulk moments, Banner usually doesn't come out all that happy afterwards. 

Cap faces more challenges than the Winter Soldier this time around...

Next, we get our first look at the main antagonist, Ultron, in his primal form. Limping into Stark Tower, where the Avengers meet for some sort of celebration/meeting, Ultron looks simply like a busted-up Iron Man armor. But, when he begins to speak and move on his own, only then do the Avengers truly realize what he is. Speaking of puppets and strings, Ultron's haunting words shock the Avengers, astonished and fearful of what Stark has created. Following the usual Marvel Studios logo of greatness, we find ourselves transported to another country, with Stark suited up as Iron Man, facing a mountain somewhere. We then see a strange prison-like place, where Cap kicks down a large door, adding to the overall mystery of what the hell is going on in this damn trailer. 

Jeremy Renner returns as Hawkeye, hopefully in a larger role.
Rumor has it that he is set to return in Captain America 3!

We then see some police and military men firing on something within the unknown city, most likely trying to kill off Ultron's eventual army of sentient robots. Explosions ensue, and we're back to the snowy lands of another country, presumingly Russia, where our green friend Bruce Banner stumbles through the woods, eventually beginning his Hulk transformation. Many quick shots occur in the next scene, one being Black Widow standing alone in an office building, most likely showing how the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D affected her after Winter Soldier. Another great shot shown is Ultron, in an upgraded version from his first form, looking over the Maximoff twins in a rather destroyed lab. This could possibly mean that Ultron rescues the twins from von Strucker's lab, therefore making the two loyal to Ultron at the beginning of the film. 

This is when the sh*t starts to go down. Next, we see Ultron bots climbing up towards a high building, probably where the Avengers, shown in the next scene, are waiting for them. Looking rather battered and bruised, Thor stands among the others, quickly dropping his almighty hammer to the ground. This may show how the team might be defeated early on in the film, giving in to Ultron's army, and then must retaliate nearing the conclusion. Then, we find Tony Stark speaking, all about how his path to assemble the Avengers has come to an end. Losing all hope in defeating Ultron, with Black Widow uttering the phrase, "Nothing lasts forever.", Stark and the team appear to have no strength remaining. 

Who, or what, does this to Cap's shield in the end?

And that's when it gets messy. Booming into the next scene of the trailer, Iron Man (as we assume) suits up in yet another suit, this one large enough to take on none other than the Incredible Hulk. Probably one of the biggest reveals in the trailer, other than another one coming very soon, the rumored "Hulkbuster" suit makes its debut, taking up iron fists (like another Marvel character) against the green mitts of Hulk. This beautiful fight most likely occurs in the climactic scene of the film, as the trailer lays out other climactic scenes including Black Widow speeding out of a Quinjet, motorcycle and all, as well as our first shot of slow-mo yet speedy Quicksilver in action. With more and more quick shots flying by, we get a glimpse of Scarlet Witch laying down some spells, as well as Andy Serkis (best known for motion-capture roles) as an unknown human character (some speculating him to be Ulysses Klaw, a Black Panther villain). Other shots include Thor yelling in a well (not quite sure what that's about), a brief glimpse at a possible 'relationship' between Banner and Black Widow (not too sure about that either), and some war-like action going down in the snow-lands with Hawkeye. 

The man of action, Andy Serkis, takes on his first Marvel role!

The Hulkbuster Suit is finally revealed!
Whatever you make of all that, nothing is more a tease than Thor charging at Tony, bringing him up by his throat. Most likely just angry Thor being misled by Tony's creation of Ultron, some believe that this is a foreshadowing to the rumored Civil War comic plotline that fans crave for Marvel to make a film reality. Depicting a division of the Avengers (primarily between Cap and Stark), as well as other superheros, Civil War pits some of the greatest heroes against one another over strong government regulations. While, in my opinion, the Civil War plot is years away from being brought to screen properly, I do believe that Marvel could easily have the Avengers team disband at the end of this film, leading into some similar conflict in the following films. 

An angry Thor may lead to much larger conflicts within the Marvel films...

Back to the trailer, we continue the Hulk-vs-Hulkbuster fight, Hulk tossing a car at Stark, then commencing in smashing it. However, Hulk's not the only one throwing cars here, as we see Cap dodging falling vehicles, as well as the twins facing their own set of problems. All this mindless chaos and destruction leads to one final shot, as Ultron's dark, brooding voice narrates this chilling ending. "Now I am free," he says as we are shown a glimpse of the horrid aftermath, with Cap's shield broken, and finally Ultron recites the trailer's final line, "There are no strings on me.", and we see him in his final form, deadly and horrifying as ever.   

Well, there it is, my lengthy breakdown of probably my most-anticipated trailer of the year. Controlled by the urges of my teenage excitement (in movie terms), as well as my love for movies, I knew I just had to write about this awesome trailer. So what are your thoughts on the trailer? Was it all that you hoped for? Did you spot anything that I missed? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to follow for more movie reviews and trailer breakdowns.    

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