Coming Soon: Marvel vs. DC, Plus Interstellar Review!

More to come this week, my friends! Following Marvel Studios' and DC Comics' huge announcements for the future of their films, I decided to weigh my opinion on the two studios' most-anticipated films coming out starting next year. From Ant-Man to Justice League, I'm laying down a quick overview of the top superhero films coming soon. 

Marvel makes a stand, countering DC's massive list with one of their own!

Warner Bros. and DC plan to bring the Justice League together, one film at a time!

Also ahead, stay tuned for the review of one of my most-anticipated films of the Fall season, Christopher Nolan's space epic Interstellar. With a unique cast of award-winners and growing stars, along with special effects and music that'll shatter your mind with intensity, Hollywood's next great space film promises to pack a punch.  

Remember to follow my blog for more exciting things as we near the end of another year, and share with friends and other movie-lovers as well! 

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