Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Breakdown

Premiering just yesterday in select theaters, and later spreading all over the vast reaches of the internet, the new teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens took everyone by surprise, bringing fans of the franchise back into the galaxy far, far away for another wild ride. From director J. J. Abrams, famous for his reboot of the famed Star Trek franchise, as well as other science fiction films like Super 8, this next chapter returns to the original legacy, bringing back the characters we know and love from the trilogy that started it all. To helm both of these massive sci-fi franchises, Abrams takes on his biggest challenge yet: delivering a worthy continuation to the saga that fans have adored since they were children. Being a great fan of the saga, you know that this will be one of my most-anticipated films of next winter. So, in honor of this awesome teaser, here's my breakdown of our first look into the new imagining of the legendary Star Wars universe: 

We start off in complete darkness, the great anticipation of what is about to unfold before us building steadily. Then it fades from black to reveal a barren desert, most likely on the famous desert planet of Tatooine, where this epic space franchise got its start. From young Anakin, a slave among the heat, to his son, Luke Skywalker, a farm boy looking for hope, Tatooine has been the basis of Star Wars tales since the beginning. Now, to see the harsh landscape before us once again, we're reminded of just how essential this dusty world is to the franchise, and to the fans. 

Accompanying this barren world is a deep, dreary voice, asking the viewer if they've felt the "awakening" that has occurred. Unknown as to whom is speaking, or to whom they're speaking to, the audience is left to mere speculation. One thing that is apparent is that the voice sounds almost like British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, famous for voicing the devious dragon Smaug in the Hobbit film last year. Sounding very similar to how the dragon spoke, we are left to believe that Cumberbatch may have a secret role in the new Star Wars, possibly being the new Sith villain we meet later on in the teaser. While this is just speculation, it would be incredible to see Cumberbatch in the film, Abrams working with the actor previously in Star Trek Into Darkness last year. 

After the voice fades off, we're quickly introduced to a new face, a frantic and winded kid, suited in the classic Stormtrooper armor from the original trilogy. Played by newcomer John Boyega, known for his role in 2011's Attack the Block, this worried soldier looks to be in some trouble, frantically searching around him, sweating like he's seen a ghost. While this may be the only time we see the new character in the teaser, we're left to brainstorm exactly who Boyega's character is, and what the hell he's doing on Tatooine. My theory is that he may be a rouge Stormtrooper who's escaped and is on the run from the Empire, possibly having fled to the desert planet in a hurry. Whomever he's playing, he looks to be the star of the film, hopefully playing a huge role in how the new installment progresses. 

Following a quick look at a new type of droid that may play into the story somehow, we get our first glimpse of a fleet of Stormtroopers, packed tight in a shaky, dimly lit carrier. A nod to the classic soldiers of the Empire, it looks like Abrams is bringing back the armored fighters for another round. Known for their somewhat sleek armor and helmets, as well as their horrible firing accuracy, Abrams plans to reintroduce the Stormtroopers in a much better way, giving them a new yet faithful design and more advanced weaponry. In this small glimpse, it looks as if the troopers are gearing up for war, gathering up their blasters and preparing to drop from the carrier. 

Will this soccer-ball riding pipsqueak be the next R2-D2?

We then are introduced to another new character, a woman who readies herself on a cruiser, again on the dustbowl of Tatooine. Played by another up and coming actor Daisy Ridley, this is somewhat of a surprise to fans of the original trilogy. For fans, the only lead female character in the original films was Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia. Now, it looks like Abrams plans to bring another prominent female to the front lines, with Ridley hopefully playing a big role in the film, possible teaming up with Boyega's character on Tatooine. 

We then meet a familiar face, at least to some people, as actor Oscar Isaac sits at the front lines, piloting a new X-Wing fighter into battle. Best known for his role in 2013's Inside Llewyn Davis, where he won me over as hopeful folk singer looking to start his career, Isaac hasn't been in much, but hopes to be a prominent actor in Hollywood. And why not do so by starring in a massive sci-fi franchise? Unknown as to who he's playing, the actor is clad in pilot gear, looking like the next Luke Skywalker with his hardened game face on. Looking almost like a mix of the classic X-Wing attire and Anakin's pod-racer gear, he sports a new imagining of the classic pilot outfit. 

Acting as the turning point of the 90-second teaser, we then see a shadowy figure appear, trotting through a dark forest that is covered in snow. Engulfed in a mix of dark cloaks and mysterious presence, this figure strides with villainous intent, quick to reveal his primary weapon of choice: a new, specially designed lightsaber of red beam. Notably the most important weapon/tool in the Star Wars universe, the lightsaber channels the true skill of a warrior into a deadly blade of light. Here, with a dangerous new enemy wielding it, this almost medieval broadsword-like saber appears to be one of the most interesting weapons fans have seen from the franchise yet. Whoever this new baddie is, he (or she) is sure to bring hell onto whomever they're dueling. 

Who is this strange new enemy? And what the hell is up with that lightsaber?

As the figure reveals his Sith saber, the ominous Cumberbatch voice returns, uttering the words "the dark side..." as the mysterious villain is shown, and then adding in "...and the light" as probably the coolest thing happens next. That's right, it's the hunk-a-junk we know and love, The Millennium Falcon, spinning fluently through the Tatooine air at full speed. Blowing past firing enemy TIE fighters, the classic cruiser is accompanied by composer John Williams' amazing score, resurfacing his legendary music to usher in the next chapter in the space saga. 

The legendary main theme then plays through to reveal the film's title, The Force Awakens. Whatever the title may entail is again left to speculation, it possibly referring to a new beginning for the mysterious power, as it reawakens after the destruction of the Empire. Given only a brief synopsis and a jumbled flash of images in this 90-second teaser, us fans can only guess as to what Christmas 2015 has in store for us, promising one of the biggest and most exciting films of the century. 

Well, those are my initial thoughts on this quick-paced first look at the next Star Wars. Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts on the trailer were, and your speculations as to who these new characters are in your opinion. Even if it may be nearly a year away, I remain super excited to return once more to this unforgettable galaxy far, far away... 


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