Coming Soon: Boyhood Review, Plus My Oscar Predictions!

As the Golden Globes fade from our memories, along with all the corny jokes about North Korea, it's nearing close to the time for the Oscars to occupy our minds and relish on all the amazing films of last year. One film in particular, being called "an American epic, 12 years in the making", Boyhood plans to tackle such awards as Best Picture and Best Director this year at the Oscars. Already dominating at the Golden Globes, this amazing piece of cinema, chronicling the life of a boy (Ellar Coltrane) for 12 years of his life, looks to astonish the world with its profound tale of a boy's journey into adulthood. Stay tuned this week for my review of Richard Linklater's epic new indie, as well as my predictions for the biggest upcoming award show. 

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