First-Look Trailers: Chappie

From the tech-savvy director of District 9 and Elysium, Chappie tells the story of a rejected police robot, capable of thinking and feeling on its own, that is kidnapped by two criminals shortly after he is first turned on. Dubbed as "Chappie", the robot enters a dysfunctional family of criminals and soon realizes that the government that created him wants him back. In a sort of I-Robot meets RoboCop tale, Chappie seems to be another crazy invention out of the mind of its director, Neill Blomkamp, as it tackles the issues with artificial intelligence and robots that we face today in a sleek, futuristic style. While it may be one of the more outlandish projects of the new year, Chappie remains on my list of my most-anticipated films of 2015. Check out Chappie, in theaters March 6th.  

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