Coming Soon: Kingsman Review, Plus What to Watch This Spring!

With the Spring season quickly upon us, massive movies from the insane to the emotional are coming soon to snatch our cash from our pockets, and deliver awesome things to your curious eyes. One of those insane, but not quite emotional, films is this month's raunchy spy flick Kingsman: The Secret Service. Equipped with an all-star cast from a maniacal Samuel L. Jackson to a witty and suave Colin Firth, and an outlandish plot that will send you back to the days of classic James Bond, Kingsman is just the film to kick off the Springtime. Check back this week for my review of this high-stakes, no-holds-barred action-comedy, full of great fun and memorable references to the classics of spy cinema. 

Also this week, stay tuned for my other most-anticipated films of Spring 2015. From the return of the Avengers to the revenge of Mad Max, this Spring is quite an explosive one. Find out just what to expect at the theater in these coming months, along with what films are must-see and which you should avoid.   

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