Coming Soon: Oscar Galore and Fantastic Four!

As the coveted night of movies and mishaps nears us quickly, I continue to weigh my predictions for the many acclaimed awards to be honored on Oscar Sunday. From Best Actor, with Birdman's Micheal Keaton and Imitation Game's Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead, to Best Picture, with many films clamoring for the spotlight, the Oscars will be the biggest night on TV, possibly outweighing the big night tonight that I cared little about (yes, I mean the Super Bowl). But, as the Super Bowl and all its glorified gameplay and gloating simmers down, the Oscars are here to take over the lasting weeks of February on the small screen. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for my predictions on the biggest film awards in Hollywood.

Following all this Oscar buzz, also stay tuned for my breakdown of the much-anticipated Fantastic Four teaser, released last week. Diving into a darker look at this superhero team, with new changes from the origins stories to the skin colors, this teaser offers us our first look at Marvel's next big project at 20th Century Fox... 

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